Friday, 10 March 2017

Been Busy Basing....

Last few weeks/months I have been busy with work and basing an eclectic collection of figures, see below some of the latest...
 Saxons for Dux
Blow that Horn 
 Saxon Command for Dux
 Wedge formation base
Late Roman Artillery 
French engineers for SP2 
Officers and Drummer for SP2 
Dutch Militia 

French casualty markers 
Officers for SP2 - Spanish, Sharpe and Harper 
SP2 armed priests 
 Spanish Guerrilla force for SP2 x18
Spanish "Ladies" for SP2 Guerrilla force
Spanish Guerrilla force for SP2 x13 
 Spanish Gunners
Rocket troop for SP2 
RHA troop for SP2 
 Spanish Militia for SP2
 French Infantry x 16 for SP2

French Officers 
French Artillery Train 
 French Light Infantry x 14 for SP2
French Engineers of the Guard x 7 for SP2 
 French Officer
French General 
 French SP2 Force
Brunswickers Line Infantry x28 
Brunswicker Hussars x16 
 Highlanders x32
Light Dragoons x8 for SP2
Dutch Officer 
RHA limber 
RHA limber and ammo wagon 
Line Lancers x12

More to come, lots on the table at the moment, 96 Hanoverians and roman cavalry...

Friday, 28 October 2016


Long time since my last post... Apologies, too much work not enough time blah blah...

Recently we, Jason aka Taffy and I, play tested Lasalle Napoleonic Rules, now I have had these rules for ages and not played them until this game, I was quite ambitious with the scenario with the attack by D'Erlon's Corp on the Ridge at Waterloo. I know it was mad for a first game but it gave an excuse to get some of the Napoleonic figures out...
We managed to play about 8 turns over all and had some events, mainly lots of desultory fire and artillery bombardments...

 Looking down the board from La Haye Saint Farmhouse to Pappelotte at the far end.

 La Haye Saint, The Frenchies attacked here time and time again... and still the KGL held on...

View from just behind the sand pit, arty just deploying and 95th out in front playing in the sand...

The French first assault against Pappelotte with the Belgian Militia holding the place for most of the day.

They bounce again, but the wear and tear is starting to show...

Sending reinforcements down to LHS.

Here the come again...

View from the line...

Dutch sector looking down on the mass columns advancing across the fields...

Fighting is fierce at Papelotte with Nassua line coming in to help out, these two units held a division for the whole game!

This is going to be a near run thing...

Final push at LHS, but the KGL are still there!!!

The French mass columns break the Allied Line,  I was just about to call forward the British Heavy Cavalry, when we called it a day.

Belgian Militia still in Papelotte...

LHS tied up best part of a Division all day as well...

I do like these rules, as a IGOUGO set they are quite quick, bloody and if you get into open melee can be rather painful if you loose very quickly, you need second & third lines of support, as big holes start to appear very quickly, there is a good army break point system in the game, we had a fun game with plenty of action and manoeuvre, definitely tough shifting anyone out of a town or farmhouse.