Friday, 7 April 2017

28mm Duke of Cumberland Hanoverian Hussars and Dutch 5th Light Dragoons

I have had commission painted some 28mm Duke of Cumberland Hussars and Dutch 5th Light Dragoons, which I have based up on 6 2fig stand and a 2fig command stand ready for fighting in 100 days campaign...

I am hoping to have the 2 Dutch /Belgian Divisions of Perponcher & Chasse, the Brunswick Contingent and the British/Hanoverian Divisions of Alten and Picton eventually.

Dutch 5th Light Dragoons

Dutch 5th Light Dragoons

Duke of Cumberland Hussars

Duke of Cumberland's Hanoverian Hussars

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Basing, Basing and more Basing...

Hi All, Been busy with work and life again recently, however, I have slots of time to get gaming and painting / basing more stuff in.

Please find the latest eclectic instalment of basing/rebasing completed.

16 x 28mm Nassau Foot.
2 x 28mm Nassau Commanders on horseback.

3 x 28mm KGL Guns, with 4 crew each.

12 x 28mm Brunswick Avant-Garde Jaegers

16 x 28mm Brunswick Avant-Garde Light Infantry.

3 x 28mm U.S. 30cal. Team.

12 x 28mm Roman Cavalry.

10 x 28mm Zulu War British Lancers.

I've got loads of Napoleonic's on the go at the moment trying to get the 2 x Dutch and British Corps at Quatre Bras done, one of my favourite battles... and also have a load of Romans that were painted for me and I managed to drop the box down some stairs as I got home, so big repair job ongoing with them at the moment...
That's all for now Folks...

aka Stumpy

Friday, 10 March 2017

Been Busy Basing....

Last few weeks/months I have been busy with work and basing an eclectic collection of figures, see below some of the latest...
 Saxons for Dux
Blow that Horn 
 Saxon Command for Dux
 Wedge formation base
Late Roman Artillery 
French engineers for SP2 
Officers and Drummer for SP2 
Dutch Militia 

French casualty markers 
Officers for SP2 - Spanish, Sharpe and Harper 
SP2 armed priests 
 Spanish Guerrilla force for SP2 x18
Spanish "Ladies" for SP2 Guerrilla force
Spanish Guerrilla force for SP2 x13 
 Spanish Gunners
Rocket troop for SP2 
RHA troop for SP2 
 Spanish Militia for SP2
 French Infantry x 16 for SP2

French Officers 
French Artillery Train 
 French Light Infantry x 14 for SP2
French Engineers of the Guard x 7 for SP2 
 French Officer
French General 
 French SP2 Force
Brunswickers Line Infantry x28 
Brunswicker Hussars x16 
 Highlanders x32
Light Dragoons x8 for SP2
Dutch Officer 
RHA limber 
RHA limber and ammo wagon 
Line Lancers x12

More to come, lots on the table at the moment, 96 Hanoverians and roman cavalry...