Friday, 5 July 2013

Planning... A new business...

Hi All,
Now this has been on my mind for a number of years, but since being made redundant in April and with not any luck in the new job front, and with a great amount of encouragement and support from my better half and family, I am well into the process of putting together a business plan for a new War Gaming Centre down here in Sunny Devon, a wargames holiday centre in all intents and purposes, but I will not be calling it that due to the name already being used elsewhere in the country, I am playing with some ideas for names at present but not finalised anything as yet.

I am just trying to get finances sorted at the moment to support this and set this up going forward, I will be presenting this to Kickstarter to raise set up finances, and/or the usual routes with the banks and other interested persons.

The plan is to have a minimum of a 21' x 18' gaming area, to facilitate 10 to 20 players a time, and to have workshops for terrain building and painting, a storage area, a soft furnished relaxation area, and an office area, I have found an ideal building for this, and plan to get started as soon as possible.

The periods I am planning to cover will be Napoleonic 28mm,  American Civil War 28mm, Sudan 28mm, Zulu 28mm, World War Two planned 15mm for bigger battles and flanking manoeuvres etc., and 28mm WW2 gaming as well for the close in actions, Wild West 28mm, then into Ancients & Medieval 28mm and, eventually to cover most periods and battles once set up and successful.

I am in the process of purchasing figures and terrain to facilitate this plan...

I would welcome any feedback or comments from my fellow wargamers, and would solicit any assistance offered.

If you want to comment on here feel free, or if you wish to email me direct please do so on


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