Sunday, 17 January 2016

New Items completed recently

Just a list of some eclectic things completed recently for the wargames collection...

28mm Russian Air Ambulance for the Russian/Afghan War

28mm T55 for the Russian/Afghan War

28mm Russian armoured car and trucks for Finn/Russian Winter War

28mm 1/2 Tracked Russian Armoured Car

28mm Natal Mtd Police dismounted for Zulu Wars

28mm Dacian Warband

28mm Union Light Gun Battery

28mm Union Big gun Battery

28mm Roman Auxiliaries

28mm Roman Command

28mm Roman Legion

28mm British Napoleonic Brigade

28mm Bloody 11th Devonshire Regiment

28mm Command bases for Dux

trailing the 3, 2, 1 basing to denote level commanders

28mm "Pip" the dog for Rorke's Drift...

28mm supply stands

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