Saturday, 1 April 2017

Basing, Basing and more Basing...

Hi All, Been busy with work and life again recently, however, I have slots of time to get gaming and painting / basing more stuff in.

Please find the latest eclectic instalment of basing/rebasing completed.

16 x 28mm Nassau Foot.
2 x 28mm Nassau Commanders on horseback.

3 x 28mm KGL Guns, with 4 crew each.

12 x 28mm Brunswick Avant-Garde Jaegers

16 x 28mm Brunswick Avant-Garde Light Infantry.

3 x 28mm U.S. 30cal. Team.

12 x 28mm Roman Cavalry.

10 x 28mm Zulu War British Lancers.

I've got loads of Napoleonic's on the go at the moment trying to get the 2 x Dutch and British Corps at Quatre Bras done, one of my favourite battles... and also have a load of Romans that were painted for me and I managed to drop the box down some stairs as I got home, so big repair job ongoing with them at the moment...
That's all for now Folks...

aka Stumpy

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