Saturday, 28 September 2019

Its been a while since my last Post, with work, family commitments and wargaming of course, has left little time for the blog, but as I was reminded by a wargames friend the other day I had nearly dropped off his page of bloggers, so thought would update with some of the items I've finished recently... as usual a rather ecclectic lot...

Most recently a 28mm US Infantry Platoon with supports and options for making into an Armoured Infantry Platoon for Chain of Command, 83 odd figures ready to roll...

3 28mm Union Command from Sash & Sabre I believe?

3 28mm Reb Command again Sash and Sabre?

1 28mm Dutch Napoleonic Gun and crew

 2 28mm British Napoleonic Foot Artillery Guns and crews

16 28mm US Cavalry Foundry figures

And Finally... 60 28mm Peasants with 6 man Command stand... why? I don't know another bargain on Ebay, rebased, just seemed like a good idea at the time!!

Just prepping for an ACW Battle using Picketts Charge rules, playing tomorrow, better start reading rules and getting it ready!?

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