Friday, 12 May 2017

Getting Ready...

Last few weeks and especially last few days I have been a busy bunny basing up the commissioned figures I have received recently, making up the Hanoverians  for Altens Divisions ready for General de Army, and basing units for the Picketts Charge 28mm game we are going to demo at Legionary this year.
112 x Hanoverians

And Major General Count Kielmannsegg to command his Brigade

Some nice flags from GMB, others of the brigade are from the warlord game bx

Union Brigade commanders

Reb Brigade commanders

Reb Division Command base

1st Maryland "Band of Brothers" Zoauves x 18

Lafeyette's Guard x 24

Command Base, spare figs to make reb zouaves union...

GerrardsTiger's x 16

Union Regiment x 36

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