Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Partizan 2017

Last weekend saw the trip to Newark to the Foundry for a 28mm FIW game with, myself, Jason, Panjo, Andy from the Chuckadice group, and JJ, Tom, Vince, Steve, MrSteve, and Bob from the Devon wargames Group, we all met up at the Foundry site after travelling up from deepest darkest Devon, spent some hard earned money on figures, then played several hours of Muskets and Tomahawks French Indian Wars on their splendid terrain boards, the lovely ladies at Foundry plied us with Coffee breakfast and fabulous luncheon, with coffees and teas all day all for a £10!!
Sadly I did not get any images of the game... Doh!!!

A massive thanks to Steve for herding the cats and running the game as painful as it was to all being "stiffed" throughout the day we all enjoyed it, thankyou...

Next day was spent at the fantastic Partizan Show, which is one of the best in the country in my opinion, I spent way too much money on more for the lead mountain which I foolishly thought I had gained the summit of, oh what a fool.
spending well earned cash on figures... loads of Perry's Napoleonic's to near complete my Quatre Bras project, and the well anticipated General D'Armee from TFL and Dave Brown, these look very good and promising, cannot wait to try out. Also in the pile are more ACW figures with limber crews horses etc, and loads more command figures for more command bases... Also two packs of Boer farmers from 1st Corps for my Africa project...

Below is yet more basing completed recently...
 ADC's for GDA

 24 x Lieb Garde Brunswickers

 24 x Belgian Line Infantry

 32 x 79th Highlanders

 6 x 60th Rifles

 17 x Reb Dismounted Cavalry

1 x Gentleman with robotic arm will be used as character in Sharpe Practice

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